Who Are We?

A Team That Loves To Help!

TrollBytes has been in existence for more than 10 years and has been a pillar of the IT Community in South Central Wisconsin.  We have our roots in Technology with over 25 years in the field.  Our business started off as a dream and has slowly grown each year, building on past successes to continue to offer new services and technology solutions.  We started out as a drop off site for residential and small business repair and have slowly and steadily increased our managed services offerings for small business support.  We can handle anything from a simple laptop / desktop setup to a complete equipment refresh, all in a timely manner.

Let’s work together!  Drop us an email or call to get started!

What Do We Do?

Keep Your Technology Running As Smooth As Possible!

The internet is a dangerous place!  The convenience of online banking, shopping from the comfort of your own home and keeping up on social media all have risks.  Let us help.  Our managed services can cover you all for the simple price of a monthly subscription.  We will evaluate your computer, install security software, monitor for hardware errors and ensure you have an online backup copy of all of your critical data.

Contact us now.  We can handle all of your IT solutions so you can run your business.